Dear Customers,

If you have purchased any product from our offer and experience any problem, our customer service is at your disposal for any help. Our Complaints Department is at your disposal for all inquiries at 069 444 98 78 on working days 10am-5pm.

  1. Conformity

    According to the Consumer Protection Act, the Seller is liable for any non-conformity of the goods with the contract, which becomes apparent within 24 months of purchase of the goods. In the event of non-conformity, the Seller is obliged to provide repair of the goods at his own expense.

    The Customer is not entitled to make a complaint and to a free of charge repair by the Seller in case of improper handling of the product and if its use was not in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, as well as in case any repairs or attempted repairs were made by unauthorised persons.

    Hello Smile guarantees the quality of all products within its range as well as their compliance with the specifications indicated on the website. For further information please contact us at reklamacije@thehellosmile.rs

  2. Complaints

    Depending on when the defect occurred, there are the following categories of complaints about the functional correctness of the product:

    1) DOA - Dead on Arrival is a complaint upon receipt or first putting into service.

    This means the following:

    a) (a) the delivered product is damaged, some parts are missing (is incomplete), it does not fulfil the intended purpose or specification. If you have identified any damage after receiving the item, you have to report the damage within 24 hours after receipt, in order for your complaint to be accepted. If at the time of receipt of the item you notice any damage to it, you are not obliged to collect the item, and you can refuse to receive the shipment. If the device you received is incomplete or with missing parts, you have to report the identified missing parts within 24 hours after you have noticed deficiencies.

    b) If you notice that the product is faulty during the first use, you need to inform us immediately by contacting us by phone or sending us an email with a description of the problem and your contact details.

    2) Complaint about the functional correctness of the product.

    If you purchased the device via the web, please contact our call centre indicated on our website and it will provide you with the information necessary to deliver the product to our Complaints Department by courier service. If you send the goods by courier service, you are obliged to pack the device properly, since in the event of any physical damage occurred during transport, the cost of the damage shall be borne by the Customer, i.e. the sender according to the Postal Services Act:

    Article 49

    The sender is responsible for choosing the type of service that is appropriate to the nature, content, actual value or significance for him/her of the mail.

    The sender shall also be responsible for proper packaging of the contents and sealing of the postal item. The packaging and sealing of postal items must correspond to the type, shape, weight and value of the items in the mail.

    Article 50

    The sender is liable for damage caused by the contents or improper packaging of the postal item.

    3) Complaint about a damaged postal item

    If the device you ordered is delivered to you in a damaged condition, within 24 hours you need to contact the courier service that delivered the device so that it can make a record, and then inform us.

    Repair and refund

    In case of receipt of faulty goods upon first use (DOA), the service technician is required to verify the reasonableness of the complaint and the integrity of the claimed item before proceeding to the replacement of goods or refund. The deadline for responding to the complaint is 8 days from the day the complaint was lodged at the point of sale or from the day the device was delivered by the courier service to our Complaints Department. After that, it is decided on whether the new product will be delivered or the money will be returned.

    The Hello Smile shop reserves all rights to change the price of the product, so if you ordered the device at a specific price and received it at your home address with the same price, and thereafter the price has been reduced, you are not entitled to a refund.

    In the event of complaint about goods for which the Seller is liable for non-conformity, the Customer is obliged to:

    a) send the claimed item for repair service by courier service. Furthermore, the original packaging is not a precondition for accepting the complaint.

    b) present to the service technician a copy of the receipt/proof of purchase (and a warranty certificate if the period of conformity of the goods exceeds 24 months)

    c) describe in detail to the service technician the fault found as well as conditions and environment in which the product was operating when the fault occurred;

    d) after that, all information concerning the repair status of the product, the Customer will receive exclusively on our call centre numbers.

    For further information please contact us at reklamacije@thehellosmile.rs

  3. Repair Service

    In order to improve our joint business activity, while avoiding unnecessary costs, we have all to follow the following procedure when sending goods for repair.

    If during the operation of the product a failure occurs that is not caused by improper use of the device, you can contact our Call centre which will send a courier to your address to collect the faulty goods. Within 8 days of receiving your complaint via the Call centre, you will receive a response to your request, after which the complaint will be resolved in a timely manner.

    Physically damaged components and devices that are not used according to the manufacturer's specifications are not entitled to a complaint or free repair service because the Seller is not liable for non-conformity caused by damage or improper handling, and the risk passes to the Customer.

    In case of physical damage caused by end users, the repair service requires diagnostics. If the Customer cancels repair, he is obliged to bear all costs incurred by the repair service. This kind of additional cost is not borne by the Seller.

    Please follow the above procedure, because it is both in your and our interest that complaints are resolved and repair service is completed as soon as possible.